eKEY® Fob User Instructions



The eKEY Fob is a device used to translate the Bluetooth signal from your eKEY enabled smartphone to an infrared signal that can be recognized by an iBox or iBox BT.

The eKEY Fob is compatible with the following smartphones and tablets:

  • Android™
  • Apple iOS
  • BlackBerry®

The eKEY Fob has a power button, an LED light, and a key ring for easy placement on your key chain.

Pairing the eKey Fob

Before your Apple device and eKEY Fob can communicate, they first need to be paired.

Note: The Android and BlackBerry device automatically pair the first time they communicate with the eKEY Fob.

To pair your Apple device and eKEY Fob:

  • 1. On your Apple device, select Settings.
  • 2. For an iOS6 device, select Bluetooth. For an iOS5 or earlier device, select General and then Bluetooth.
  • 3. Set Bluetooth to On.
  • 4. Power on the eKEY Fob by pressing and holding the power button until the green light flashes.
  • 5. When you see Supra-xxxx, tap to connect.

Using your eKey Fob

Note: To use the eKEY software you must subscribe to eKEY service through your Association/MLS.

To use your eKEY Fob:

  • 1. Start the iBox operation (Obtain Key, Release Shackle, or Add, Read, or Program iBox) in your eKEY software.
  • 2. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • 3. Power on the eKEY Fob by pressing and holding the power button until the green light flashes.
  • 4. Point the eKEY Fob towards the infrared port on the iBox.

Important: Hold the eKEY Fob between 6 inches and 2 feet from the iBox for best performance.

The eKEY Fob turns off automatically after an operation and after it has been inactive for 30 seconds.

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