Emailing Listings


Paragon has the ability to e-mail listings via a link or by a single attachment. You can send one listing at a time or send multiple listings with a link, providing several different report options for your customer to view.

Once yo have selected a listing(s):

  • Click Email; the Email Selection Modal opens.
  • Select E-mail Type:
    • Hyperlink: places a link in the body of your e-mail which the client clicks to view the listings. Hyperlink allows multiple listings to be sent in up to 5 report formats.
    • Attachment (HTML): sends a single listing in up to 5 report formats. Each report is sent as an HTML attachment to the e-mail.
    • Attachment (PDF): sends a single listing in up to 5 report formats. Each report is sent as a PDF attachement to the e-mail.

Note: A hyperlink to listings is the recommended type of email to send to a customer, whether you are sending 1 or 21 listings. Practice sending yourself an email with each type so you understand what your customer will see when they receive an email of listings from you.

In the list of available report options, you can highlight a report then:

  • Email: Click Add or double-click the Report to e-mail.
  • Remove: Double click a report or highlight it and click Remove.
  • Click Email in the upper right hand corner to start a compose email box.
  • Enter e-mail recipients using one of four methods:
  • Click Address Book to select contact from the Contact Manager.
  • In the TO, CC or BCC fields, double - click to display the list of contact in the address book. Click the name to enter in the field.
  • Start typing a first name, last name, or email address and matches from the Contact Manager will display.
  • Type in any e-mail address and click Enter.

Note: You must have your contacts email addresses in your Contact Manager for the above tools to function.

  • In the Subject field, enter a description to let the recipient know what the e-mail contains.
  • Enter information to include in the body of the e-mail using the rich text editor.
  • When finished, click Send.
  • The Email Sent Window appears indicating that the e-mail was sent successfully. Any errors will be noted.
  • To view the listings, click the hyperlink in the body of the e-mail.
  • It is now activated. A new browser window is opened. When finished, click Close.

Important Note: As a business person emailing listings to the public, you should familiarize yourself of the CAN-SPAM ACT of Congress 2003.

Important Note #2: Your customers may need to check their spam filter to allow emails from Pargon to go into their regular email inbox.

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