Listing Input


To add a listing, click the Listings banner link. Click the desired property class to display the appropriate input form; the form displays with the Standard listing fields container open.

Enter the listing data; "R" indicates a required field and "P" indicates a Partial Save field.

Action Bar Buttons

Action Bar buttons are located at the top of each listing input form and are as follows:

1. Save

There are two Save actions available:

  • Save Listing – save to have an MLS number issued to your property. The MLS number is only assigned when all required fields are completed correctly. If any required fields are missing, an error message appears at the bottom of the form to alert you of missing data. Click Modify beside the error message to highlight the field in the form that requires your attention.
  • Save As Partial Listing – saves your listing if you have entered valid data in the Partial Save required fields. Partial saving allows you to save the listing with a temporary number assigned. You can then return to complete the listing. You can partially save your listing an unlimited number of times.

2. Tax Autofill

Tax Autofill is a non- standard tool (available with special integrations) that imports tax data into the listing input form. Examples of this data are property ID number (APN), owners’ name, lot dimensions, etc.

Note: If your MLS has the Tax Autofill tool available, we recommend that you use it to automatically complete the tax data before entering any information in the listing input form, as other inputs may be overwritten if used later.

3. Reset Fields – clears data values entered into the listing input form so you can start anew.

4. Required Only – displays only the fields required to save your listing and have an MLS number assigned.

Note: Although only the required fields are necessary to have an MLS number assigned, it is recommend that you complete the entire listing form.

5. Open All – opens all of the listing field containers so you can see all input fields. Use the Open/Close button to open/close an individual listing field container.

6. Close All – closes all listing field containers to minimize the listing input form. Use the Open/Close button to open/close an individual listing field container.

Additional Input Field Functionality

Other input field functionality found in the Listing Input and Maintenance module:

1. Inline Auto Completion - Paragon simplifies the data entry process by displaying results based on characters entered into the field. A magnifying glass to the right of the input field identifies an Inline Auto Complete field.

There are two (2) ways to enter data using Inline Auto Complete:

  • Start typing in the field; a list of possible matches displays. As you type more letters in the field, the results are refined to closer match your entries.
  • Click the magnifying glass; a modal opens with a list of possible field values. Search within the modal by typing in the Click the magnifying glass field. Options for search are:
    • Contains the characters
    • Begins with the characters

Click the desired value and then click Save.

2. Listing Date and Expiration Date Calendar Tool

  • In the Listing Date and Expiration Date fields, enter the dates by following the recommended mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Alternately, click the Calendar icon to display the calendar tool. The current day is highlighted and the number displays in blue.
  • Use the next/previous arrows to move the calendar to the desired Year and Month and click the day of the month to enter in the field.

3. Features

Use the Features container to add features to your listing. Unlike other listing input fields, Feature fields allow multiple entries for a single category.

Inline Auto Complete functionality is available for Features.

There are two ways to complete the Features fields:

    • Using the All Features Option

You can enter all of the listing data for all categories in the All Features field. Begin typing in the field and select from the results that contain the letter(s) you typed.

Alternately, click the magnifying glass; the All Features modal displays. Select the desired features from each feature category and click Save.

    • Using the Individual Category Option

You can also enter features in each individual Feature Category field. Begin typing in the category field and select from the results that contain the letter(s) you typed.

Alternately, click the magnifying glass; the modal for the select category displays. Select the desired features from each feature category and click Save.

Click Check All to select all of the features in the category.

4. Listing GeoCoding

Correctly mapping or GeoCoding your listing will ensure it is found as the result of a map search.

In the listing input form, in the Search by Map field, click Validate Map to locate or map the property.

5. Remarks

Remarks fields are free- form text fields that are equipped with the following tools:

    • Spell Check

The Spell Checker tool is similar to other word processing spell check tools. When a word is found that is not in your dictionary, the word is highlighted and alternate spellings may be suggested. It also contains grammar check and a thesaurus.

To use spell check, click the Checkmark; the Spell Checker window displays.

    • Characters Left

Each Remarks field has a tool that keeps a running count of the number of free-form characters left in the field. As you type in the field, the number of characters left is reduced.

Note: For detailed information about listing input and maintenance functions, see the Quick Start Guides on these topics by clicking Help in the top right corner of the Paragon window.

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