Use Multiple GCodes to Promote/Market Listings


Using multiple codes on a listing can help determine the best, or most beneficial way to promote your properties.  To easily create multiple campaigns for a listing just make a copy of the campaign.  

  • Click on "My Campaigns" tab.

My Campaigns Tab

  • Check the box to the left of the campaign you want to copy. At the bottom of the code list you will see the "Copy to" button, and the "Type in target GCode" field have both become available for use.

Select the desired Campaign

  • Click in the field next to the "Copy to:" button and start typing the GCode # that you'd like to copy the campaign to.   Once it displays above the field click on the GCode# so it populates the field.  Click the "Copy To:" button, and when the prompt appears click "Ok".

Copy Information to

Verify Copy Operation

That's it! You've successfully copied your campaign along with photos and files.

Now if you'd like, you can differentiate between these two matching campaigns by not only their GCode assigned, but also by their title.

  • To do this click on the campaign you'd like to edit from the "My Campaigns" page, and once you see the listings details click in the "Title" field.

  • Here you can edit the title to help you determine at a glance where an interested buyer is located when inquiring on your property.

Some examples include:

GCode # 12345 Title = 123 Main St. - Newspaper

GCode # 54321 Title = 123 Main St. - Sign Rider

GCode # 65432 Title = Johnson House - Newspaper

GCode # 23456 Title = Johnson House - Website

Now, in the alerts you receive, either via email or text, you'll not only see which property an interested buyer is inquiring on, but also where they're at when inquiring and what type of advertising is gaining the most attention.


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