Getting Started With Reports in Find.


Find offers several types of detailed and summary Reports for presenting your search information to your client. Each customer report displays your branding on each page (as set in your Preferences).

You can combine properties from two or more Reports; Find will remove any duplicate properties. You can also save Reports to use again or to combine with others. Reports expire seven days after they are saved. However, you have the option to change this expiry date at any time.

Report Types

There are several different report types:

  • Map Summary Report This report maps all properties in your report bin in an easy-to-read format. Each page of the report contains agent branding and property maps.
  • Customer Short Report: This report contains a list of properties you have selected to present to a customer with a summary of each property's basic information.
  • Agent Short Report: The same as the Customer Short Report, with the addition of agent's remarks and listing information.
  • Customer Long Report: Contains the same information as the Short Report, plus:
    • Features section: With items such as property condition, roof type.
    • Other section: With items such as community name.
    • Public Remarks: With items such as driving directions.
  • Agent Long Report: The same as the Customer Long Report, with the addition of agent's remarks and listing information.
  • Consolidated Summary Report: Contains a list of selected listings with one line of information that meets the search criteria. At the top of the report, a list of average values of all the properties is displayed. Properties are grouped by status, for example all Inactive properties are together. Above each group, a list of average values for the group is displayed.
  • Community Report: Contains school and community information in the area of the selected properties, provided the properties are restricted to only 1 or 2 zip codes.

Important: The default report that you see in the preview is the Map Summary Report. However, you can preview any or all of the reports by selecting them from the Type drop-down list. Save or distribute only those you need.

Every Report has these capabilities:

  • Generated reports can be merged, renamed, emailed and/or printed.
  • Properties can be sorted in the Report Bin before generating the report.
  • Each time a saved report is opened, it is updated with the latest information.
  • When a saved report is updated, every linked user sees the updates.
  • Expiry dates can be changed using the calendar icon () on the Reports list.

Next Lesson: Working with Reports on Find.

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