M.O.R.E. (More Organization Reciprocal Listings)


MORE provides CCAR MLS Participants and Subscribers broad access to search for and list properties throughout Northern California. This dramatically expanded MLS service is brought to you by the CCAR MLS at no additional cost!

MORE is poised to better serve our Participants and Subscribers by essentially erasing MLS ‘borders.’ Participating MLSs have increased their security standards, adapted their systems, synchronized Participant and Subscriber information, and cooperated at an unprecedented level to make this happen. During this process our members may have noticed some of these advancements, such as the enhanced ‘two‐factor login’ process.

MORE through the CCAR MLS allows our members to:

  • Access and search neighboring MLSs directly, and at no additional cost.
  • Input listings directly into these systems with no fees or reciprocal input forms!
  • Receive expanded exposure for your listings. Some 44,000 real estate professionals who represent a combined population of nearly 12 million people have access to your listings!
  • Continue to confidently rely on CCAR MLS for support and training.

Q: Which MLS systems are involved with MORE?

A: MORE is a reciprocal arrangement that provides direct MLS system access amongst CCAR, BayEast, EBRDI, MLSListings, Metrolist, BAREIS, and San Francisco MLS. With just one click from Paragon, our members can log in and start searching or listing on these neighboring systems.

Q: How does it work?

A: Participants simply ‘click over’ to a neighboring MLS system to search or list properties, as they will have already been authenticated via SSO (single sign‐on). Neighboring practitioners will do the same to access the CCAR MLS, making it easier to both list properties anywhere in the covered areas, and to bring buyers to listed properties. (There is no need to fax reciprocal listing forms, and there are no subsequent input fees.) This expanded data resource allows our members to utilize an IDX feed to present accurate listing information on their websites.

Q: What does it cost?

A: There are no additional fees or costs to participate in MORE. Our members CCAR MLS fees entitle them to access this additional data. The CCAR MLS has funded this initiative to ensure the best possible MLS access.

Q: Can I still pay to have a listing input on either the CCAR MLS or surrounding MLS systems?

A: Any participant or subscriber of CCAR can have a member of our staff input a listing into any MLS for a $50 administration fee.

Q: Do I need to register for this service?

A: No. Participant and Subscriber information has been synchronized among all participating MLSs.

Q: What geographic area does MORE cover?

A: MORE covers:

  • nearly 12 million consumers
  • some 44,000 real estate professionals
  • more than 30,000 active listings

Q: Will the MORE coverage area expand?

A: While the coverage area could expand, there are currently no plans to do so.

Q: Will I be compensated if a REALTOR® from a neighboring MLS brings the buyer to my listing on their MLS?

A: All participants in the system are bound by the rules governing cooperation and compensation.

Q: How does this impact the state wide CalRedd effort?

A: CCAR has signed a “Letter of Intent” to participate in the CalRedd statewide MLS. We will continue to evaluate CalRedd progress along with our future participation based upon our Participants’ and Subscribers’ needs.

Q: Are the rules different for each MLS?

A: Yes. A summary of important MLS rule variations will be offered as a part of training.

Contact the individual MLS partner for information about:

  • compliance violations
  • existing reciprocal listings
  • expired listings

Q: Will IDX ‐ the Internet Data Exchange that powers my public consumer website search for listings contain MORE data?

A: Not at first. However, we are working toward a data access agreement as well as on the technology backend to allow your agent website to display this content.

Q: Why can’t I login into the other MLSs?

A: Each of our members needs to have at least 10 successful authentications into Paragon beginning on the 15th of March. Any member of tech support can verify if any agent has 10 successful logins. If you have confirmed the agent has 10 successful logins and they still don’t have the ability to sign into the other MLSs. Please contact Member Services at 925.295.1270 or

Q: Who do I call for Member or Technical Support?

A: All of our members call us, their home Association for any technical support needs in any of the MLS systems. It is the same for members of any other MLS. If they call us for Technical Support, politely explain they must call their own MLS or association.


Remember that our members can run a Tax Insight search in Paragon to recieve the APN number for any address in the Bay Area.

  • Marin ‐ ###‐###‐##
  • Mendocino ‐ ###‐###‐##‐##
  • Napa ‐ ###‐###‐###‐###
  • Solano ‐ ####‐###‐###
  • Sonoma ‐ ###‐###‐###
  • Contra Costa ‐ ###‐###‐###‐#
  • Lake ‐ ###‐###‐##‐##
  • Yolo ‐ ###‐###‐##‐#
  • San Francisco ‐ ####‐####

MetroList APN Formats

In the MetroList MLS they have an APN format of xxx‐xxx‐xxx‐xxx.

If CCAR members search for an APN from our Tax Insight Search they will receives an APN format of xxx-xxx-xxx.

Meaning our members will need to add three zero’s to make up for they ending suffix of xxx when trying to auto‐fill.

Websites for MORE MLSs

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