Contacts: Outlook Import


Paragon can import your contacts from Outlook.

To import contacts from Outlook into Paragon, you must first export your Outlook contacts, as a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file.

Open Outlook, enter the Contacts module, click File and Import and Export….

1. In the dialog box that opens, click Export to a file and click Next.

2. Click Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next.

3. Click Contacts and click Next.

4. Name your file and browse to the location where you want to save this file. Click Next.

Note: Your computer’s Desktop is an ideal location for ease of finding the file later.

5. Outlook will display the next dialog box with a caution that once started, the process cannot be stopped. Click Finish to export your contacts from Outlook.

If you exported your file to your desktop, you will find the file on your desktop, like this one. Your contacts file has been exported from Outlook and are now ready to be imported into Paragon.

6. To begin Paragon’s Outlook Import, click on Contacts and View/Manage Contacts. Your current contacts in Paragon are displayed.

7. Click Import to import the Outlook .csv file you just exported to your computer’s desktop.

8. Paragon asks how do you want to handle duplicate contacts. Your options are:

  • Merge – join the two (2) records into one (option selected for this Quick Start Guide)
  • Replace – delete the existing file and replace it with the one you are importing now
  • Skip – keep the existing record and skip importing this record

9. Click Upload File to browse to find the file you just exported to your desktop.

10. Browse to where you have saved your exported Outlook contacts file. If you have saved the file on your computer’s desktop, click Desktop, click on the exported file and click Open.

Paragon begins the Outlook Import process and displays a status window.

When the importing process completes, Paragon generates a status report. Paragon reports the number of contacts imported and details about specific contacts. The contacts you had in Outlook at the time you exported your contacts are now in Paragon.

Note: Outlook Import is a manual process. Paragon does not automatically import your contacts from Outlook.

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