The spreadsheet is a key report for REALTORS® as they search for properties. Typically, this is the initial report that REALTORS® view when the leave the search template. This Quick Start Guide is focused on how to use and customize the spreadsheet.

After performing a search, you will typically see your results in a spreadsheet like below.

In the image below there are 3 rows of tabs and some additional tools.

Row 1: Different function tabs

  • Multi-tasking functionality of Paragon allows you to have open multiple tabs for different modules of Paragon. Tabs can wrap to additional rows. In this example, tabs are open for Residential and Vacant Land Search/Results, Listings, CMA and Contacts.

Row 2: Sub-tabs displaying screens based on the tab selected in Row 1.

  • In the example below with the Residential tab selected, the maximum of three (3) sub-tabs are displayed in compound buttons of Criteria and Results - name of the report and number of matches displayed within parentheses.

Row 3: Spreadsheet function buttons

  • These buttons will be discussed in detail on the next pages.

Additional Tools: Paging and Available Reports Paging

Allows you to display different sections of the total results in a spreadsheet. Available reports is a list of all reports you can use inside Paragon.

  • By clicking on the arrowhead next to each report folder, you will either show or hide the different reports inside that folder.
  • By continuing to hold a left mouse click on a report, you can drag and drop commonly used reports into your Favorites folder make them easy to access at a later time.

Spreadsheet Functions

The following are the different functions available to you when on any results page.

Checked or Filtering button

After checking the boxes on the left side of the lines of property data, clicking the Checked button will show just the properties with a checked box. Properties with a checked checkbox are retained in the filtering process.

Property checkboxes can be check by:

  • Clicking a checkbox on the left side of the property data line selects 1 property at a time. You can check as many checkboxes and you want.
  • Holding down the control key and clicking anywhere on the property data line. i.e. click properties with a desired value in a given column (data field) as you move up or down that column of data. This selects 1 property at a time.
  • Clicking Select All – selects all checkboxes. Uncheck the boxes you do not want retained as you filter your results.

Note: You can filter your search results as many times as you want as you narrow down the results to the specific results you and your prospects are interested in.

Un-filtering or All button -Clicking the All button removes all filtering and displays all of your original search results.

E-mail Button - click E-mail to send an E-mail to a contact and/or client with the Search Results. See the Quick Start E-mailing Listings.

Save button -Hover over Save and click on Save Search to save the search template that brought you these results or listing to a Listing Cart for you or your Client(s). See Quick Start Guide Saving Searches.

Print button - Hover over Print and select the type of printing you want to do.

  • Print – prints the report you are currently viewing.
  • Print+ -allows you to print multiple reports in one print job. You do not have to print the report you are currently viewing.

Export data as a .CSV (comma separated values) file that has a date and time stamp for a name saved to the drive of your choice. This naming convention eliminates overwriting your exported results.

Drive selection is determined by personal settings in Preferences > User > Application > Saving Export Files.

Customize button -Customizes the display of your search results. This button allows you to select the fields to be viewed, the order the fields appear and how the data is sorted.

  • Fields allows you to add, remove fields to the report and position the fields in the report.
  • Sort (semi-permanent sort -found when Fields is click), you can determine and save a default sorting of the results data by as many as three different fields.
  • Sort (temporary sort) allows you to temporarily sort the data in your results by as many as three different fields. The sorting tools works similar to the sorting tool found in the Fields Functionality (above).

The customizing tool allows you to set up your reports to meet your business needs as you communicate with clients. To begin the customizing process, hover over customize and click on Fields. The customizing tool will open. Using the customizing tool, add to or remove fields from the right side of the screen (on the report). Moving fields up on the list, moves the fields to the left on the spreadsheet. Moving fields down on the list, moves the fields to the right on the spreadsheet.

Sorting: Semi-permanent -In addition to placing fields on the spreadsheet, you can determine how your data will be sorted every time you display results on the spreadsheet. Clicking on Sort at the bottom of the Customizing Tool will open a new window.

Note: You can change your sorting order as many times as you want.

Use the dropdown boxes to choose fields already displayed on the spreadsheet for sorting. Select if the data for each field should be ascending (A to Z) or descending (Z to A).

  • Column 1 means the first field to sort by. (i.e. City)
  • Column 2 means sort this data into column 1 data (i.e. Bedrooms)
  • Column 3 means sort this data into the existing column 1 & 2 data (i.e. Bathrooms)

Results using the above example

All data is grouped by “City”. Within each city, group the properties by the number of “Bedrooms”. Finally, into the grouped data “City & Bedrooms”, add the “Bathroom” data.

When you are finished setting up the sort, click on Save and return to the customizing tool.

When you are finished locating fields and setting your sort preferences, click on Save. Every time you display this spreadsheet, the data will be displayed according to the field order you set (left to right field placement) and sorted based on your maximum of 3 fields.

Actions button -allows you to display additional information on Results pages. By clicking on each of the optional actions, you toggle on or off the display of Criteria and Toggle Stats.

  • Criteria toggles the displaying of the Criteria Summary box from the Search Template page

Display of typical search criteria.

  • Toggle Status - toggles the displaying of the statistics for the search results. Using Preferences, you can set the default display status of Stats, This setting allows you to either display or hid the Stats temporarily.

  • PDF allows you to choose .PDF format for this report – Paragon controls the page margins.

  • HTML allows you to choose HTML for this report – your browser controls the page margins.

  • Add to CMA allows you to add all or selected properties to an existing or new CMA.

  • Maintain Listing allows you to perform listing maintenance on your own listings in results.

  • Driving Directions allows you to add selected listings to the Driving Directions tool.

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