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The Paragon Home page is your dashboard for Paragon. From the Home page you can launch all of the Paragon tools available to your MLS.

The Paragon Home page is designed to work with Widgets. Widgets are interactive graphic components of the Home Page interface. For example, the Alerts Box, and Market Monitor are Widgets. By clicking and holding the left mouse button on a widget header bar and drag it to positions on the left or right, up or down on the homepage. Widgets allow you to customize the layout of the homepage to suit your workflow.


Search provides the ability to quickly pull up a listing by street name, MLS number, asking price, or listing agent last name. When entering multiple MLS #’ separate them by commas. You can enter a price range search by putting a dash (-) between the numbers, such as 150000-175000.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar provides access to Paragon 5 tools such as Search, Additional tools will appear at each part of the Paragon 5 phased release.

MLS and System Alerts

MLS Messages and Paragon System Alerts will be stored in this box and viewable when logging into Paragon. Once you have marked the messages as read, the box will collapse. You can then return to the Alerts and Message box on the home page to view the messages again in Message History.

Quick Search

Under Alerts and Messages is a Quick Search widget that holds up to 5 search fields, plus a Map Search. Click the sprocket to customize these fields. To see customization of the Quick Search Widget, along with map functionality see the Quick Search, Quick Start Guide.

Market Monitor

The Market Monitor is a customizable electronic Hot Sheet with current market information. To update the data simply click the Refresh button in the upper right corner. The number of days the Market Monitor can be changed to look back to a max of 30 days, by entering the number of days into the box in the upper left corner and clicking the days button.

The Sprocket in the upper right corner allows the user to change the filters the Market Monitor uses to display the data.

The Market Monitor has been designed to separate out each category with color coding. Each numeric value in the column directs to the listings in that set. The categories can be select by choosing the link at the bottom of the widget.

My Info: Displays in Blue

Market: Display’s Red

Office: Displays Green (Only available at a Broker level or higher)

Firm: Display’s Purple (Only available at a Broker level or higher)

Team: Displays in Orange

Home Page Calendar

The home page calendar widget allows you to display important events, double click the desired day and click add to enter the event. Agents are able to add personnel events that only they can see. Brokers can add their own personnel events, and events that are viewable by their firm or office. MLS staff has all of the previous functionality plus they can add events for their MLS. Days with events are highlighted and can be viewed again with a double click.

It is important to note that if a date on your calendar is highlighted and you have not placed an event on that date, either your Broker or MLS staff have placed an event on the calendar they wish you to view.

The single arrowhead on each side of the current date will move the calendar forward or backward in one month intervals. The double arrowheads will move the calendar forward and backward in one year intervals.

Customizable Quick Action Links

Across the bottom of the Paragon Home Page you will find the customizable Quick Action Links. This will give you one click access to your six most used items from the Paragon Tool Bar.


Widget s are interactive graphic components of the Home Page interface. Each section of the home page, except the top Tool Bar and the bottom Quick Action Links, is in the Widget format. This allows the user to drag and drop each Widget to a location on the home page that suits them and their workflow.

Simply place your cursor over the blue header bar of the Widget so the cursor turns into the 4 directional arrows. Left click and hold the mouse button down and drag the Widget to its new location. Your Widgets will now stay where you have placed them, until you wish to move them to a new location.

Note: The location where you want to place a widget box must have room for that box.

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