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ActiveKEY Alert uses your ActiveKEY’s wireless capability to allow you to send a preset email message with just the press of a button. You select up to 3 contacts and the text of the email message ahead of time.

Setting Up ActiveKEY Alert

You must first enable ActiveKEY Alert and enter your contacts at SupraWEB. To set up the Alert feature:

1. Login to SupraWEB ( with your user ID and password.

  • Note: If your ActiveKEY has not been upgraded with the latest changes, an Update Firmware link is shown on the left navigation bar. Click the Update Firmware link and then click Upgrade to upgrade your key wirelessly. It takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes for your key to complete the process. If your ActiveKEY has already been automatically updated with the latest changes, the Update Firmware link is not displayed.

2. Select the ActiveKEY Alerts link. The first time you select the link you’ll need to accept the terms and conditions and license agreement.

3. Click the Enable Service button.

4. Enter contact information for up to 3 people you want to receive an email message when you use the Alert. The email address is required. The contact name is optional.

5. Edit the default message or enter a new message. The message may be up to 100 characters.

6. Click Save.

Once your contacts are set up, a notification is emailed to each of your new contacts on the list. The email notification to your contacts includes a link for them to opt out. When a contact opts out, an email is sent to you informing you that one of your contacts has been removed.

Important! If your email address in SupraWEB is not correct, you will not receive a notification if a contact opts out. Update your email address by contacting your Board, Association, or MLS.

Sending an Alert Message

To send an Alert message:

1. Press and hold the Supra/GE logo button (lower right button) on the ActiveKEY for 3 continuous seconds. The ActiveKEY does not need to be turned on first.

2. The ActiveKEY displays: SENDING ALERT…

  • Note: The alert cannot be canceled at this point.

3. Once complete the ActiveKEY displays ALERT DONE and the backlight on the ActiveKEY flashes to let you know the alert has successfully sent.

If your ActiveKEY is in cell coverage, all contacts designated at SupraWEB will receive the email in approximately 1 minute.

If the ActiveKEY is not in cell coverage when the Supra/GE logo button is pressed, the ActiveKEY displays NO CELL COVERAGE FOR THIS AREA RETRYING. The ActiveKEY then checks for cell coverage every minute and sends the message within 1 minute of returning to cell coverage.

If the Supra/GE logo button is pressed for 3 continuous seconds and the Alert feature is not enabled in the ActiveKEY the message on ActiveKEY says: ACTIVATE ALERT AT If this occurs, login to SupraWEB and verify that you have entered contacts and checked the Enable Service button.

You can send 3 alert messages each month. After sending 3 alerts, the alert feature will need to be re-enabled. Login to SupraWEB with your ActiveKEY serial number and PIN and select ActiveKEY Alerts and then Reenable.

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